Are you planning a new home? As a new home building company, we can turn your plans into reality.

An eye of detail

We are a family-owned building company totally committed to excellence— speaking to any of our past clients will support this.

How we work

For new home projects, we work two ways:

1. supply qualified builders to work with your project manager.

2. project manage the whole project.

Project management


For homeowners, self-managing the construction of a house can be stressful and unnecessarily costly.  This is because effective project management requires experience and strong relationships within the construction industry, two things we have acquired over many years.


We can make your life easy by providing a ‘turnkey’ project management service. This means that once  you have provided us the scope of your project, we will manage all the trades — painters, carpenters, cabinet makers, electricians; you name it.


All you have to do is move in!

So, are you building a new home? Trust a building company that is committed to excellence.



Whether it’s the family home or an investment, it’s important to maintain your property’s value. At McNaught Construction, we will help you achieve this with renovation services to bring your property up to date.

Expert workmanship

We are a family-owned company based on Auckland’s North Shore and are passionate (almost fanatical) about our workmanship.

It doesn’t matter what kind of house you have; we can handle minor dwellings, to villas, to high-end architectural houses—we are particularly skilled in high-detail work.

The challenge of renovations

Perhaps surprisingly, renovations are usually tougher than new-builds. Why? Well, the structure of a house being renovated is rarely true (level and plumb), and our work must match old fittings and building materials. This doesn’t matter, though; we thrive on a challenge and love that every renovation is different.

How we work

For home renovations, we can work one of two ways:

1. provide qualified builders to work with a project manager.

2. manage the entire renovation.

Project management

We excel in project management. And our experience and strong industry relationships enable us complete a renovation on time and within budget. So, if you wish, we can provide a ‘turnkey’ service, where we manage all the trades such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, decorators.

For you, it’s easy—just leave your renovation to us and relax.

Are you renovating your property? Choose a building company that is passionate about what they do.



Do you own a plaster-clad house? Even if it doesn’t leak, the likelihood of you selling your home at anywhere near its potential value is slim. And if your home does leak, living in it could be hazardous to the health of you and your family. As re-cladding specialists, we can help

When handed a lemon, make lemonade!

On a positive note, having a plaster or leaky home affords you the opportunity to make modifications you maybe wouldn’t have done otherwise.

We are licenced building practitioners and have re-clad many of these homes — a number requiring high-end modifications.

The usual recladding process:

1. Put a ‘big tent’ over your house: We organise scaffolding and have shrink wrap applied to your home to protect it from the weather.

2. Remove cladding: We take your house right back to its framing.

3. Inspect damage: Though we can make an educated guess, it is impossible to know the severity of the damage is until we see first-hand.

4. Bring up to code: We remove the rot and reconstruct your home in a proven style that meets current building codes and market demands.

Does your home need to be re-clad? Let us help salvage its value.



Has your home become too small for your family? Or, do you want to add another bedroom to add some $$ to its value? With expertise in house extensions, we can help you.

Don’t settle for second best

We are a family-owned company. And, perhaps, due to this fact, we are particularly passionate about our craft and continually strive to ensure our building detail and finishing work is a step above other construction companies.

We have a wealth of experience in high-detail work, and can handle any project, large or small.

How we work

For home extensions, we can:

1. work with a project manager by providing qualified builders.

2. manage the entire house extension.

Project management

It takes experience and solid relationships within the industry to complete building work on time and within budget. Consequently, many novice homeowners end up stressed out and spending too much money when they attempt to self-manage an extension project. So, if you wish, we can provide a ‘turnkey’ service, which means we will manage all the necessary trades such as carpenters, roofers, plumbers and electricians.

You can just relax and leave everything to us.

Do you require an extension on your property? Choose a construction company that is passionate about what they do.

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